Ultrasonic Tube Sealing

Ultrasonic Tube Sealing

The fast mass production of domestic refrigerators and the requirements to be compliant to the high requirements of sealing quality process after charge, needs special tools exclusively dedicated to thus process.

FT srl is proud to offer to its customer the right solution that will help on quality and saving money for applications process sealing.

The URV-20 ultrasonic welding system is a reliable and stable machinery to hermetically seal service copper pipes of compressors and drier filters in refrigerators and air conditioners industry, resulting up to five times lower leak rate compared to the best of other ultrasonic welders.

Maximum pipe external diameter to be sealed: 12,7 mm = 1/2”.

Standard duration of ultrasonic welding tools (sonotrode and anvil, both provided with twin working surfaces): 35000 welds.

The sealing process is completed in less than 1 second.

This unit is the most compact and light ultrasonic welding head for tube sealing available on the market (2/3 in weight compared to previous generation best machine).

Weld height (for highest reliability and tightness of welding joint) and other welding parameters are set through the control panel: there is no need of any kind of fine mechanical adjustment in the welding head.

Needed utilities: Power supply: 230 V 1ph + neutral + ground, Compressed dry air: 6 ~ 8 bar.

This video shows Ultrasonic copper tube sealing machine for copper tube welding and cutting.


  • Gas-tight sealing with simultaneous • cutting of Copper service pipes up to ½“ or 12mm outer diameter
  • Used for refrigerators or air-conditioners to seal and cut the compressor and dryer filter service pipe after filling the unit with coolant
  • Up to 3500 gas-tight welding/cuttings per shift


Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Details



Ultrasonic Tube Sealing

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