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iTeide TT

Table Top smart refrigerant charging unit

iRockall Jr

Vacuum and Refrigerant Charging Unit for small productivity


Vacuum and Refrigerant Charging Unit for medium productivity

iRockall HS

Vacuum and Refrigerant Charging Unit with High Speed Capability

The FT Vacuum and Refrigerants charging units set a standard in the worldwide cold industry market for the production of any industrial or domestic device that works with refrigerant gases.

The FT Vacuum and Refrigerants Charging Units are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance required in modern industry. The main function of the vacuum and charging unit is to perform and control the vacuum inside the refrigeration circuits, and then make the refrigerant charge according with the design requirements of the manufacturer. For this process, the FT Vacuum and Refrigerant charging Units perform automatic and configurable functions that are fully integrated in the production automation of the customer’s manufacturing process, leading to a significant improvements in quality.

The FT Vacuum and Refrigerants Charging Units are continuously updated in terms of design according to the international guidelines on refrigerant gases use. Therefore, they are ready to be used with modern and future refrigerants so to fulfill a wide range of processes during the entire life of the unit.

Users of FT Vacuum and Refrigerants Charging Units have the ability to integrate into their production schedule relevant information of each cycle on their tools in order to have accurate report of each job.

All FT Vacuum and Refrigerants charging Units are available with touch panel controls operated by modern operating systems that enable an intelligent display of processing cycles, fast reporting directly downloadable to remote PCs on production lines, and a telecare post-sale service.

According to the type of application, charging quantity speed requirements and relevant budget, FT offers the right product to completely satisfy the customer process using HFC and HCFC refrigerants and new Low GW nonflammable refrigerants.

iTeide TT Product Details

iRockall Jr Product Details

iRockall Product Details

iRockall HS Product Details

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