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All-In-One Evacuating Pressurization and Refrigerant Charging Unit A2L A3

More and more big chillers companies are requiring a growing request of speed and automation in their production processes that shall comply quality of circuit realization, saving money on avoiding refrigerant loss just to prevent by previous leak detection test and stress test for PED certification. Moreover, the use of the low GWP refrigerants such as the A2L gases, that are slightly flammable, requires the right technology to work in safety according to the International normative of risk prevention.

With the begin of 2020, FT is proud to announce another class of products of its catalog that is able to fulfil the production requirements of big chiller companies, where our company is becoming, step by step a reference partner in all Europe. As traditional name of product has been associated to big rocks or mountains, this new product represents something of complete, with the best hydraulic components and software functionalities developed in our Research and Development department. For this reason, the name of a Japanese Volcano was chosen to represent its large field of application.

The iFuji is one solution that complies with all of these inquiries. The system is already installed to some FT directional customer with great satisfaction of use.

The product, can realize automatically up to these following functions:

  • Evacuation
  • Pressurization of a circuit with a tracer gas
  • Pressure Drop Test/Stress Test
  • Interfacing with an industrial leak detector for punctual leakage search
  • Refrigerant charging
  • General report release

See technical tables for available configuration, technical features and relevant accessories.

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