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FT Future Technologies S.r.l.is the ideal partner for Vacuum and Refrigerant treatment in the Cold Industry. All equipments and related services are completely designed inside our facility. Customer Engineering is at best standardized levels thanks to its continous Research and Develop that lead to improve the application related to the specific design requested from all customers.

Hundreds of FT Future Technologies S.r.l.equipments are now working 24h per day, 365 days per year in all worldwide customers, with high affidability, performances and quality of cycle production.

FT Future Technologies S.r.l.specialized technicians are always ready to reach each part of the world to support our directional customers, starting from the offer engineering up to the commissioning. And all our products and services have improved the production lines of our Customers.

Our key words: Refrigerants Pump and Charging machines - Ecologic and Hydrocarbons Refrigerant treatment - Design and integration of production lines - Installation and startup - Control Process Automation - Basic and specialist training personnel - Maintenance and Technical Support

Marketing News

New Catalog On-Line 2017 with product updates and utilities for customers (17 Mb )

Latest Applications

FT supports Ecologic Refrigerants such as CO2 and Hydrocarbons

Latest Projects

New Smart Interactive Charging stations with improved accuracy